Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Founding Sisters of Poa :) 3/21/16

Hello everyone!!

Whew, it feels like it´s been a lifetime since I last talked to you all! So much has happened!

On Tuesday, I said goodbye to my beloved Cidade Lider, as well as the amazing sisters that I lived with and headed out to Itaquaquecetuba with Elder Merrill (he was in Itaquera with me and now he´s our new Zone Leader in Itequaquecetuba). We finally arrived, and I met my new companion, Sister Felartigas. She is from Uruguay, is almost done with her mission, and reminds me so much of my first trainer, Sister Hingano :) We are super different, but I know I´m going to learn a ton from her. It´s been good so far. We have the assignment to be Sister Training Leaders here in Itaqua, so that means that we look after and do divisions with some other sisters in the area. It´s going to be an adventure :)
 We arrived in Poa, dropped our bags off at our house (which looked pretty dirty, but we just left it) and went to the chapel to meet some of the members. The members here are amazing. We are the first sister missionaries to ever serve in Poa, so the members are pretty excited. They are all super willing to help, and I know that we´re going to have a lot of success here. We went back to our house and discovered that it didn´t have power, so we borrowed some flashlights from the members and just went straight to bed. Good thing, because I think if we had had time to look around the house, we would not have been able to sleep...

We woke up the next morning and immediately began cleaning, but it soon became apparent that this house needed more than just a sweep-over. Broken windows, old broken furniture, black toilets, moldy walls, cockroaches, no power...it was pretty bad. We called President, and he sent some Elders to come look at it. When they saw how bad it was, they told President, and he got pretty mad. He sent the Elders who were here before us to come clean up their mess (awkward). So they came, and we helped them clean ALL DAY. But still, the house didn´t have windows or power, so they are sending someone to come fix it up. Until then, we are living with Sister Tordecillas e Sister Martinez in Vila Virginha. We take the train for about 45 minutes every morning and every night to get to and from our area. It´s pretty annoying, but you gotta do what you gotta do (right mom?) :)

Other than the house situation, we are loving Poa. It´s pretty hard to start an area from scratch, with no one to teach or anything. But the members are awesome and we know that the work is going to start picking up soon. :) We´re gonna work harder than we´ve ever worked before to give the people of Poa all that they deserve :)

I sincerely hope you´re all doing well. I know life isn´t easy, but it´s for sure easier when we work alongside The Savior. He´s been there and He gets what we´re going through. And He really does want to help us. 

All my love,
Sister Doyle