Friday, September 30, 2016

Finding new people, and the protection of angels... 9/26/16

Hello everyone!

This week, our main goal was to find some new people to teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can help their family. It´s not always easy to do this, but I had faith that God would help us.

On Tuesday morning, I prayed and prayed that we could find a new family that day, and I really felt like we would. We worked the whole day and didn´t find anyone new. Then, in the last hour before we returned home, we went to contact a former investigator from the Area Book. The person didn´t even live there...but his neighbor let us in. And he and his wife and his mother-in-law are now our newest investigators :) God always fulfills His promises.Their names are Edson and Bruna.

We´re also still teaching Deniese and Fritho from Haiti. They´re hard to teach because they only speak French, but we´re getting there. Also, their adorable little son, Fedney, is like my favorite person in the whole world.

Gustavo was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost yesterday and it was beautiful :) He said that he felt all warm inside :)

Also, I have a testimony that angels protect us while we work. We were helping an elderly lady cross a big intersection when a huge bus came hurtling around the corner. He slammed on his brakes and came within 2 feet of hitting us and the lady. I know that angels were there to help us that day. And then the elderly lady totally cursed and chewed out the bus haha it was definitely a day I won´t forget! Good memories :)

I´m really happy here, even though it´s hard sometimes. I feel so honored to be serving a mission and helping God´s children learn a little bit more about the plan that He had for them :) I hope you all have a great week and that you are accompanied by angels as you go :)

All my love,
Sister Doyle

THANK YOU! 9/19/16

Thank you all so very much for the birthday package this week! It made such a difference and I was so incredibly happy. I have the best team in the whole wide world rooting for me :)

Again, my time is short, but yesterday, Gustave was baptized!! We had quite the adventure with the baptismal font (long story short, I ended up entering into it with my dress tied up and a plunger in my hands), but God is a god of miracles, and everything turned out just fine :)
Also, we´re teaching an awesome family from Haiti who have an adorable little son :) I´m hoping that next transfer, we can get them married in preparation for their baptism :)

I was so happy to hear about the Temple celebration and dedication!! To everyone who participated, congratulations!! And to everyone who felt something different there at the Temple open house or the celebration or the dedication, don´t forget that good feeling you felt. It was the Spirit.
Thanks again for all the help and support and prayers! I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. A big hug and smell for all of you!! (That´s something Brazilians say all the time :))

All my love,
Sister Doyle

Craziest week of my mission so far! 9/12/16

Hello everyone!!

Wow, this week was insane!! We visited 6 different stakes in 5 days, observing the zone training meetings in the various zones. It was exhausting, but also fun to see all the missionaries.

And then we got super sick and stayed home for two days. Yesterday was the first Sunday on the mission that I wasn´t able to go to church. But that makes me all that more excited to take the sacrament and renew my covenants with the Lord next week! 

This week should be less crazy, and on Sunday, we will be having the baptism of Gustavo! I´m super excited for him :) He and his mom really are so amazing and I love them so much. I´m lucky to be serving here and I know that God has some great plans for this area. 

I´m so happy to hear that my Temple will be dedicated this week!!! Good luck to everyone that is particpating in the cultural celebration, and know that I would give almost anything to be there and see it :) You are all amazing! And I know that Heavenly Father has put a Temple in PA because He knows that there are lots of people who are ready to enter and receive the blessing therein. What a blessing we have! 

I love you all and thank for all the birthday wishes and support :)

All my love,
Sister Doyle

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy.... 9/5/16

Wow, my internet time flew by today! Sorry gente!!

But I´m doing well! Lots to do this week, nossa! We gave our huge training on Friday, and we spent the whole week preparing for it, and I was so nervous, but it went really well!!! And then last night, we helped President give a training in one of the stakes on how the members can help in the missionary work. We are super tired, but it was good! 

I am loving my new companion! We get along great and we laugh a ton :) We have a very similar sense of humor. And she´s really fun :)
Our area is suffering a little bit, but when we have time, we are really gonna work hard there to get it going again. 

By Thursday this week, we will have visited 6 stakes in 5 days!! Crazy!! But I´m loving being so busy :) And it´s fun to get to know all the missionaries in the whole mission. There are some amazing people serving beside me. I´m super blessed to be here. 

I love you all and I know that God magnifies our meager offerings to accomplish His work. He knows our weaknesses, and He´s there to help us turn them into strengths :)

All my love, 
Sister Doyle