Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crazy Week!!! 4/4/16

Wow, I just realized that my time is almost up and I didn´t write a general e-mail!! Sorry everybody! But tell you what, I´ll write an extra big one next week!
Biggest news:
- went to the Temple on Wednesday - it was amazing! What a blessing!
- conference was amazing!!

 - we had another miracle with that man this week! We went to his house to teach him with that same member...We got there and he wasn´t home and wouldn´t answer his phone :( We were pretty bummed. We decided to try someone else on the other side of town, so we got back in the member´s car didn´t start. Didn´t even turn over. So we sat there for half an hour trying to fix the car, and who shows up? Our elect investigator :) We had a fantastic lesson with him and his wife and the Spirit was strong. When we finished, we got back in the car to go home, and sure enough, it started without a problem. I think God wanted us to teach him ;)

Main thing I´ve been thinking this week: I am loved by the Savior. It is a love that transcends human understanding, and does not fade or decrease based on my weaknesses or sins. It is perfect love. And I want these people here to feel that same love. The world needs more love. The wars and fighting and addictions and drugs and violence and abuse and hardness of hearts are suffocating the love in the world. And I have the unique opportunity right now to directly bring the love of the Savior into the lives and homes of other people. How could I not rejoice in this? I´ve only got nine more months to spread the love. And I´m going to make the absolute most of it.
God is good and miracles are real. Don´t forget your prayers everbody; God is listening and answering, every moment of every day.
All my love,
Siser Doyle