Thursday, May 12, 2016

God is so good. 4/18/16

Hello everyone :)
I hope you are all doing fantastically and absolutely loving this beautiful life we´ve been given.

This week was full of miracles here in Poa! I would love to tell you guys every detail of everything that happened, but I don´t think I´ll have time for that, so I´m just going to tell you about one night :)

Thursday night, we were on our way to teach Cassio (13-year-old boy who is super strong in the church but whose parents won´t let him get baptized yet), and we passed a man standing in his doorway. I had the slight feeling to talk to him, but I knew we didn´t want to be late to our appointment with Cassio, so we walked by. Within a few minutes, I felt awful. I knew that I had brushed aside a prompting from the Spirit. It was too late to walk all the way back to the man, so I just prayed, asking foregiveness and for another chance to talk to that man. We arrived at Cassio´s house and before his mom came in, he explained to us that he´s feeling really frustrated about the whole situation with his parents. We assured him that we´d talk to his mom about baptism during the lesson. His mom came in and we started with a prayer, as always, but when we said "Amen." Cassio immediately began explaining everything to his mom. He explained, "Mom, I am doing everything I can to prepare for this step in my life. I know that this is right and that I need to be baptized. There is no point in the Sisters coming here every week to teach me if I can´t follow what they are teaching. This is something serious, mom." The whole room was silent. And then his mom replied, "Fine. I understand. It´s your decision, Cassio." And just like that, this amazing young man, after being taught by the missionaries for an entire year, is going to be baptized, the first day of May. He was overjoyed. We are overjoyed. It was the miracle that we´ve all been praying and fasting for. 

So we taught him and then basically flew home, but on the way, guess who we saw on the other side of the street?! The same man! More than two hours later! So we crossed the street, super excited to talk to him. I asked if we could leave a pamphlet with him and he declined super rudely. I was suprised, because I thought for sure this would be a golden contact. But we stayed and tried to talk to him. He was super hardened and had a lot of tough questions, but in spite of the difficulty, the Spirit was super strong! We were able to answer all of his questions calmly and in a way that he understood and agreed! It really was a beautiful experience for me. After talking for about 45 minutes with this man, we needed to leave, so we said goodbye and left the pamphlet with him (hehe) and before we left he said, "There´s something different about you girls. I´ve talked with so many pastors and missionaries over the years, but you were able to answer questions that no one else ever could. I´m not saying I want anything to do with your church...but if you´re ever passing by here again, knock on my door. I´d love to talk to you again." It was such a tender mercy from the Lord. I know that He knows all His children and what they need right when they need it. God is amazing.

So that is just an example of one night this week. The whole week was full of miracles like those :)

Also, we received tranfer calls! Sister Felartigas and I are going to stay here in Poá and finish the training of Sister Martinez, an adorable girl from Idaho :) I´m excited!

God is so good. His Hand is in everything. I know He is aware of my needs and the needs of those I teach :) And your needs as well. Until next week!

All my love,
Sister Doyle