Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"I no longer have ankles..." 10/12/15

Hello everyone!!

Wow, this week has probably been one of the longest weeks of my life!! It´s starting to get super hot here and we walk SO MUCH, so my feet are always super swollen and it looks like I don´t have ankles haha The bug bites help with that too :)

Speaking of bugs, I saw my first cockroach this week. Two actually. One in our couch and one in our the house is no longer safe. ;) 

Despite the heat and bugs and not being able to understand anything, there are still good things happening here in Brazil. We had a baptism on Sunday after church!! Julio was baptized and he looked so great in all white :) He was the first investigator that I feel like I actually taught them something and they understood and benefited from me being there, so I feel really close to him. The baptism was super relaxed and Sister Bundy and I sang "I like to look for rainbows" in English for everyone and they loved it. We also sang some Christmas songs, because they love them haha I´m suyper happy for Julio and I can tell what a difference the Gospel has made and will continue to make in his life :) The Gospel is awesome, people! Tell your friends :)

Other than that, things here have been pretty slow. On Thursday, we took a bus and taxi to the Federal Police Station in Sao Paulo, about two hours away, to get my papers all finished up. It was really cool to be able to see other parts of the city and I got to talk to a lot of missionaries there. I´m officially allowed to live in the country now!

We´ve been staying inside a lot for safety reasons, which is hard for me. But I know that safety is important. Lots of crazy things happen here. We´ve had some pretty funny experiences with drunk men on the street this week, so that has kept our spirits up. I have also kept myself happy by reading past conference talks. Seriously, we are so lucky to have modern-day prophets and apostles and leaders to give us modern-day revelation. Take advantage of that, because it is such a blessing!!
Also, I made my first contact by myself today!! I wanted us to talk to the man sitting next to me on the bus, so Sister Bundy handed me a card and said I should do it myself! Here is what went down...

Me: Hello! What is your name? (Says name) Nice to meet you! My name is Sister Doyle! (extend my hand for a handshake)

(The man proceeds to take my hand and start kissing it...)

Me (awkwardly pulling my hand away): So...we are missionaries for the church....etc.

Him: You are very beautiful....

Me: Thank you. Would you like our card with our information?: We´d love to teach you more about Jesus Christ and His Gospel...

(Smiles at me, takes the card, and starts talking about my skin...)

Needless to say, we got a return appointment! Not sure if it is for all the right reasons....but he did say he wants to come to church :) 

Things I love right now: The Book of Mormon, supportive family and friends, ice cream, bread, chocolate, sleeping, food in general, rainy days, hymns, bug spray, The Gospel, deoderant, chocolate, ice cream, itching cream, showers, fruit, sunscreen, ice cream, writing in my journal, teaching people, ironing, did I mention ice cream?

The Gospel is true and it changes lives. I know it.

That´s all I have for now!! Sorry if I didn´t answer one of your questions! Just let me know :)

All my love,
Sister Doyle