Monday, November 2, 2015

Cockroaches and Conformations 10/19/15

Hello all!!

This week was crazy, as always. The weather was especially bipolar this week, with days where I thought my face was going to melt off and days where I was shivering...and my Portuguese is still awful, but overall, it was a good week!

Highlight of the week: Julio was confirmed yesterday! The Spirit was so strong and I was so grateful and excited for him! The Gospel makes such a difference in people´s lives and I´m so glad to be a part of bringing it to the people here. The Gospel is seriously awesome. I have been loving being able to study for an hour or two every day. Such a blessing :)

Funny story of the week: Sister Nunes was in the shower and Sister Bundy and I were eating when I saw what looked like a cockroach crawl into the couch! Sister Bundy and I both hate bugs, so after destroying the couch trying to find it, we decided to wait for Sister Nunes to come kill it for us. Sister Nunes came out a few minutes later, not fully dressed yet, and upon seeing the couch, made fun of us and picked up her shoe to kill whatever we were scared of. At the same time, our District Leader called, so Sister Bundy began talking to him as we watched Sister Nunes. Sister Nunes proceeded to lift up one of the couch cushions, and to our horror, there were MULTIPLE COCKROACHES!! Sister Nunes instantly went full-on ninja in her underwear and began whacking the couch and floor to kill the cockroaches, while Sister Bundy and I jumped up and down screaming our heads off. Meanwhile, the District Leader was still on the phone, hearing beating sounds, and us screaming at the top of our lungs. Long story short, Sister Nunes is a warrior, our District Leader was very concerned but laughed when we explained, and there is at least one more cockroach still alive. I haven´t sat on the couch for days.

Other random toughts to share:
-  I found sour candy!! And the bread here is amazing.
-  We got a couple new investigators this week, so I´m really excited about that!!
-  There are some crazy religions here (example: one church here has the members buy a special rose, hang it in their house, and if it wilts, they know that there is a demon living in their house, so they need to pay more to have it removed...uhuh.)
-  There´s also some weird voodoo where they kill animals and leave them in random places...creepy...
-  We are going to the Temple tomorrow!! I´m so excited!!!
-  People here are very blunt...they are super honest about how you look, what you say, etc. examples: "I have a friend who is very fat and ugly." "That skirt makes your butt look good." "You are being very stupid right now." Stuff like that. It´s taken some adjusting, and I don´t know if I will ever be that way, but the plus side is that you never have to wonder what someone thinks of you!
- I like the music here :)
-My companions are really nice, and they really do try to be obedient and good missionaries :) I´m lucky to be with them.

If I missed any questions, let me know! I love you all and I love this Gospel. Being a missionary is no piece of cake, but I know it will be worth it. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. They are greatly appreciated. I love this Gospel and the opportunity I have to share it. You can share it too! It´s not as scary as you think it is, I promise :)

All my love,
Sister Doyle