Monday, November 16, 2015

Want to Learn English for Free?? 11/16/15

Yep, that´s right! We´re teaching English classes!! They start this Saturday and we are so excited!! With two Americans, we decided it´s the perfect opportunity to start some classes at the chapel, and wow, the response has been incredible! I think the whole ward wants to come, and they´re all bringing friends and neighbors. Everyone here wants to learn English :) Sister Bundy and I are a little nervous, but we are pretty ecstatic to have this amazing finding opportunity!

So anyways, this week was crazy (I say that every week, I know). Tuesday, we went to the escritorio for transfers. It was way fun to meet a bunch of new missionaries, and I found myself being able to hold a conversation with a lot of them, so that was really exciting for me! Sister Nunes was tranferred, which was really sad, but we know that she is doing great things in her new area.

Wednesday, we had a meeting with our whole zone, which was really fun, because about 1/3 of our zone is brand new out of the CTM! They´re all really great Elders and we´re excited to be with them. Wednesday was probably the hottest day I´ve ever experienced in my life haha I don´t think I´ve ever sweat that much.

On Wednesday, I started to feel like I was getting a cold, and by Thursday I was pretty sick. Since then, I´ve been coughing and sneezing and sniffling and sweating nonstop. If you´ve never had the privilege of having a cold in the middle of a Brazilian summer, you´re missing out! It´s the best! ;) Funny sidenote: Cold is "Gripe" in Portuguese (pronounced gree-pee, sounds like creepy) which I think is hilarious. So every time I tell someone I have the gripe, I start laughing and then coughing and it all goes down hill from there :)

Being sick has definitely pushed me to (and possibly past) my physical limits, but we´ve tried to continue working whenever possible. Thanks to help from Heavenly Father, we were still able to teach a lot this week. Our District Leader called last night to tell us that our numbers were really great this week, especially knowing how sick I´ve been. That was a relief to hear that we´re still doing a good job. 

I´m pretty surprised that this cold hasn´t passed yet, but I´m sure it will go away this week. It had better, because we´ve got a lot of work to do! We had 5 investigators at church this week, which is awesome! We have some golden people, and I love them all so much. If addictions didn´t exist, they´d all be members by now :) Luckily, God takes all kinds of people, exactly as they are, and with the help of the Atonement, all people have the ability to be cleansed from their sins and saved in the kingdom of God. I know for a fact that God loves and supports each and every one of His children, especially when they are making the effort to overcome their addictions and trials. 

Being with Sister Bundy has been a joy as always :) She´s really nice, and we enjoy reminiscing about the United States and traditions/foods/anything that we miss. We´ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music, which keeps our spirits up :)

Anyways, I hope you are all doing well! The Gospel is amazing, isn´t it? Even when we feel like we can´t go any further, if we rely on God, He can lift our burdens and help us go farther than we ever thought we could. I have felt that this week for sure. I know you can feel it too :) Just pray! And He´s right there in an instant! 

All my love, 
Sister Doyle