Monday, November 16, 2015

Another Crazy Experience! 11/9/15

Hello everyone!!

Wow, this week was crazy! I don´t even know where to begin! We had a really successful week and were able to teach a ton of lessons, so that was great :) I´m totally exhausted most of the time, but it´s worth it :)

We had a crazy experience Monday night when we came home! It was about 9pm, and I was in the bedroom and I heard Sister Bundy start screaming from the bathroom, so I came to the door to see if she was okay, and out from under the door runs some little creature! I thought it was a cockroach, but it was bigger and white! It ran right towards me and into our bedroom and behind the door! I jumped up on my bed, and peeked around the door. It was a lizard!! Sister Bundy and I stayed up on our beds, and called for Sister Nunes. She got a broom and tried to coax the lizard out from behind the door. I suggested we make a barrier so that it wouldn´t go under my bed (my bed is closest to the door) but Sister Nunes promised it wouldn´t run that way. Sure enough, it ran straight under my bed. We pulled the bed out but the lizard was nowhere to be found! We spent the next 40 minutes looking for it, occasionally screaming and jumping up on our beds whenever we saw something move. Finally, I saw it run behind the door again. This time, I wasn´t taking any chances, and I used all my shoes as a barrier around the door so that it couldn´t run anywhere. Sister Nunes used the broom again, but this time, the lizard ran under one of the shoes! So Sister Nunes, bless her courageous heart, started batting the shoe with the broom! The lizard´s tail flew off and started flopping around on it´s own as Sister Nunes continued to hit the lizard with the broom. Meanwhile, Sister Bundy and I was jumping on the beds screaming at the top of our lungs (this is a normal occurrence now). The best part is, Sister Bundy got it all on video! Finally, after chaos for an hour and a half, the lizard was´s tail kept flopping around for a good twenty minutes!!!! Crazy! Needless to say, none of us slept very well that night. :)

I had another crazy experience involving a homeless man who I accidentally agreed to marry (my Portuguese still needs some work), but I´ll save that for another time :)

The work continues to move forward here :) We have some amazing investigators. My favorite to teach is probably Sid. He´s like a grandpa to all of us and he´s got such a sweet spirit. Once we work through some issues, I know he´s gonna be one of the most valiant priesthood holders there ever was :) I love him. The people here have so much faith and they are so willing to sincerely seek what is right. I´m privileged to be among such amazing sons and daughters of Father. 

Thank you all for your continued support and love and prayers! Yáll are awesome :)

All my love,
Sister Doyle

P.S. Sister Nunes is being transferred tomorrow! :( So it´ll just be me and Sister Bundy. I´m gonna miss that girl! I don´t know what we´re going to do without her spunk and courage :)