Monday, December 14, 2015

The Gospel Always Makes Me Happy! 11/23/15

Hello family and friends!

As always, thank you so much for the support and prayers! You guys are awesome! 
Good news! I´m pretty much over my cough!! I took last P-day and rested a lot and I´m feeling much better :)

This week was a pretty tough week when it comes to the work. We were supposed to have two baptisms yesterday (Kat, who just got married, and her daughter), but they said they don´t feel ready and would like to wait at least another month, so that was tough. Haven´t been able to get a hold of them all week.

The next day, we visited Ria, the woman who I had a great lesson with about families and how they can be together forever. She dropped us and said that she loved the lessons, but just doesn't want to continue right now. We convinced her to just come to church once, and she said she would, but she never showed up. 

Sid, (my favorite old Brazilian man in the whole wide world, who has such a strong testimony and is working on quitting smoking,) told us this morning that he´s moving to another place in Brazil for a little while. I had to try pretty hard to hold it together. I´m gonna really miss him. In our last lesson, we were talking about heaven and eternal families, and he said something like, "I really hope God is kind to me so that the two of you can see me in heaven and I can thank you for everything you´ve done for me." He is truly just an elect human being.
We were super excited for our English class this past Saturday! We spent a couple hours planning out the perfect lesson, making little invitations to give to people and setting up the church. All the members seemed so excited and we passed out probably 40 or 50 invitations. We were expecting a huge crowd and we were looking forward to it all week. Saturday came, and only on person showed up, a member. We were pretty crushed. But it was a holiday, and it was raining as well. We´re going to try again this Saturday.

So yeah, this week was a little bit harder than usual. But God is still good. I have a great companion and the members of this ward are super loving and kind. AND! We have one investigator left! Mar! And we marked him for baptism this week :) He wants to officially stop smoking, starting today, so keep him in your prayers please :) He´s a good guy and he´s making great progress. 

Other random positive news:

We had a zone conference this week with President! They´re really cracking down on all the rules, which is gonna be tough for everyone, but really good! I love being obedient!! :)

We went to an authentic Brazilian restaurant this week! I almost tried chicken heart, but I chickened out...haha get it? CHICKENed out! ;) kkkk but yeah, it was really good!

Sister Bundy and I went to a big shopping place today! It´s the biggest mall in South America apparently :) I got some really cute pants that I´m excited about :) Also, we bought American cookies, but they were super expensive!! The whole mall was decorated for Christmas, which was cool, but strange, because it´s so hot here. Their Santa looks the same, and they still decorate with snow and bears and hot cocao and everything, so it´s pretty funny! And they do´t make their own Christmas music. They just play Christmas music in English. So we heard songs like, "There´s no place like home for the holidays," and "Jingle Bells." They listen to a lot of English music here actually. All the stores just plan contemporary American music. It´s pretty funny when they sing along :) I makes me really happy.

And of course, the Gospel always makes me happy. I love the Book of Mormon more and more every day and I know with all of my heart that it is good, powerful, and true. If you haven´t read it yet, get a copy right now! I promise you won´t regret it. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are truly the best books on this earth :)

I love you all! Don´t forget your prayers!

Sister Doyle