Monday, December 14, 2015

Cockroaches, Christmas Conference, and Transfer Calls! 12/14/15

Hello hello and feliz natal to everyone!
We had our Christmas Conference for the mission this Tuesday and it went well! Sister Bundy and I and two Elders sang a song in English and everyone loved it! It was really great to see all the missionaries and President Silcox and his wife! I can´t believe it´s Christmas already!
We also had a Christmas activity in our ward on Friday night and that went great! We had a lot of non-members there and Sister Bundy and I sang again! We sang the primary version of Away in a Manger, with some verse in Portugues and some in English, and everyone liked it :) 

On Saturday, after waking up to two cockroaches in our room, Sister Bundy lost it and called our District Leader, who sent a cockroach exterminator! So we spent the whole day deep-cleaning our whole house and killing all the bugs! It was a long day, but it was so worth it! We finally feel safe in our house, which is such a blessing :)

Sunday was the primary program in our ward and it was one of the sweetest things ever!! Seriously, I just love children. And Brazilian children seem to be the cutest children on the earth <3

Last night we got transfer calls and...drum roll please...Sister Bundy and I are staying together here!! If you´re surpised, don´t worry, so am I! AND we´re getting two new sisters here to live in our house and we are in charge of dividing our area and giving half of it to them!! This week is going to be a little crazy with all the changes, but it´s exciting to know that our area is growing and progressing!!
The work is growing and progressing too, although still no baptisms. We have so many people who are so close! I know that Satan works extra hard on people when they´re trying to make big improvements in their lives. But you know what? As we told Mar this week, Satan works with fear and God works with love, and love is always stronger than fear if you really believe in it. Which means that God is always stronger than Satan. So when you´re feeling fear and doubting yourself or your faith, just remember that immense love that God has for you. Perfect love casteth out all fear.

I love you all and I´m so grateful for your prayers and support. You are in my prayers as well.
All my love,
Sister Doyle