Tuesday, December 13, 2016

25 Ways in 25 Days 11/28/16

Hello everyone!!

This week was super exhausting, but we´re doing really well. I have a really amazing companion and great roommates, so I can´t complain. 

We´re feeling a little frustrated with the progression of our investigators, because they really have trouble with commitments, but we know that if we continue doing our part, the Lord will help them to understand the importance of what they´re learning.

It´s hasn´t quite hit me that I´ve entered the last month of my mission. It feels like I got here yesterday, not speaking  or understanding anything, and now I speak better Portuguese than English! It makes me sad to think that I won´t always be here serving this mission, but luckily, this last month will be so full that I won´t have time to even think about the time passing. We will be having a training tonight for our District, Leadership Council on Friday, and then the next week starts Zone Conferences, where we will be giving training to all the zones. Add in exchanges with all the sister leaders, a talk in sacrament meeting, and various ward activities. Oh, not to mention our area. So yeah, we´ll be busy! Exactly how I like it :)

I´m so happy to be here working my hardest. It feels so great :) I´m so blessed that God gave me this chance. 

In other news, have you all seen the amazing Christmas campaign on mormon.org? If not, get on there as soon as possible!! The video is beautiful, and the idea of 25 ways in 25 days is so great! I invite you all to participate. The results with be incredible :)

Also, I´ve been thinking a lot during my studies about the importance of remembrance. Everything we do in the Gospel is with the intention of helping us to remember. And this Christmas campaign is perfect to help us remember Christ during this important time of the year. 

Anyways, hope you´re all doing well!!!

All my love,
Sister Doyle