Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And the rain came a´tumbling down... 6/6/16

Hello everyone!!
This week was good! The pouring rain here in Poá makes it a little hard to work, but we´re still working and seeing lots of miracles.

This week, we had a cool experience with Ilma (Genilson´s mom), who recently went through open heart surgery. We taught her The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and after we taught her in detail about Christ´s baptism, she was amazed. She explained, "Nossa, my baptism when I was a baby wasn´t valid, because children don´t sin. I didn´t need to be baptized as a baby! Now I understand why God saved me during my surgery...He wanted me to have a chance to be baptized in the correct way so that I can be saved. I want to be baptized in your church, in the way that Jesus Christ was baptized." It was such a beautiful experience to watch someone just get it :) I´m so excited for the baptism of this precious woman :)

We had a council for all the leaders of the mission on Friday, which is always lots of fun. I love being able to learn at the feet of President Silcox. He´s an amazing example to all of us.

In other news, we´re having stake conference here in Itaquaquecetuba this weekend. But first, we´ll be having a mission conference! That should be exciting! This is the first time since I got here that all the missionaries in the whole mission will be in the same place at the same time! Should be a great experience. 

We´re still working with Sivaldo and Genilson and his wife, as well as a bunch of other great people. I´m loving Poá. 

Also, I made chocolate chip cookies this week!! Mmmmm! Also also, Sister Martinez cut my hair today! She did a really good job! I´m lucky to live with such awesome sisters.

All my love,
Sister Doyle