Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... 5/23/16

Yep, that´s right. I´m feeling ready for Christmas music and decorating the tree. It´s gotten so cold here!!! Okay, so it´s not THAT cold, but for someone who´s only been feeling 85-90 degrees for almost a´s pretty cold.
I received a new companion this week, Sister Nunes!! It´s been really cool to be back with her again! It´s not very often that you get the chance to be with the same companion twice.
She´s a sweetheart. She´s been super sick though, so that´s been kinda tough. And I think I´m coming down with whatever she´s got as well, so that should be an adventure :)
Cassio passed the sacrament this Sunday, which was the sweetest thing ever. He absolutely loves the church and his new responsibilities, and even recieved the calling of "Bishop´s Assistant," so he sits up on the stand and runs (literally he runs....he´s so exicted <3) to get anything the bishop needs. I am so proud of him.
We´ve been teaching Talyta, and although she doesn´t feel the need to be baptized yet, she has been enjoying the lessons and feeling the Spirit. I know that God will touch her heart soon. We´re also teaching a man named Sivaldo, who came to church for the second time this Sunday. He´s an older man who lives alone. He has loved the warm welcome from the members here in Poá. He told me "I´m going to come here every Sunday that I don´t have anything to do...and I never have anything to do on Sundays!" He´s the best :)

This week, we contacted a referral in the neighborhood I had never visited before. It´s a very poor neighborhood with a lot of problems. The referral herself didn´t want anything, but as we were walking away from her house, I felt prompted to talk to an older woman, Nilza, standing the doorway of a humble house. She welcomed us in and explained that her house had flooded last night and introduced us to her husband, who is confined to a wheelchair because of a recent stroke. Although they didn´t let us help with the flood, we shared a scripture and Nilza thanked us again and again for lifting her spirits and said we should come back to talk to them again. I know that God sends us to people just when they need us, and that He is aware of all of His children in their times of need. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. And I needed Nilza just as much as she needed us.

I hope you are all doing well and feeling the Hand of God working in your lives. He is so good. And He loves you.
All my love,
Sister Doyle