Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Exciting News .... 6/27/16

Hello everyone!!

This week was probably one the busiest, most stressful of my mission, but I love it like that. I love that we have lots of work to do here. I´m so grateful for God´s help with this area.

SO! This week started off with a division with the Sister AP´s in the capital. It was exhausting, mostly because of the travel time to get there and sleeping on the floor, but it was really cool to see another area and be with our friends who are serving there. Sister Rechetinicou and I had one the worst lessons in the history of all lessons (her investigator invited a pastor from another church...I respect other religions, but he was not even willing to hear our testimonies, he just laughed at us),  but it was a great learning experience and Sister Rechetinicou and I got a lot closer :) It was also super great to see Sister Crapo again. I love that girl. I also had the opportunity to have an interview with President about our area on Wednesday, which helped me to understand a lot more about our investigators and ward leaders. I´m so grateful for President Silcox. 

We got back from the division and the craziness began to prepare Sivaldo for his baptism this Saturday. After various interviews and many lessons, he was ready. I have gained a testimony that we don not have to be perfect before we can be baptized. Baptism is the door to the rest of the journey. As long as we are humble and willing to change our will to conform with the Lord´s, He accepts our offering and turns us into new creatures. I´m so grateful for this process, and that I can participate in this process every Sunday when I partake of the sacrament. Despite some setbacks, the baptism was a huge success and Sivaldo was the happiest I have ever seen him. I know that God loves all of His children equally and that He wants ALL of them to have the chance to return to live with Him again. 

Ilma and Vanessa came to church yesterday and loved it. They will be baptized in two weeks from yesterday. I love these amazing women. They are so ready. 

This week, our big goal is to help all of the recent converts find a name of a deceased ancestor and take that name to the Temple. There, they will be able to perform ordinances in the place of their deceased family members who never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel or be baptized or receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I know that there are lots of people who have already passed away who are just waiting for someone to do their work for them. God gives a chance to ALL of His children. What an opportunity we have to be a part of this amazing work!!

I am absolutely loving my mission. To anyone who is debating whether or not to serve, just do it. Pray about it first, of course, but I guarantee you will never regret it. It has already blessed my life in ways that I never could´ve imagined before. 

All my love,
Sister Doyle