Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Então.... 8/22/16

Hey everybody!!

I´ve got some big news!!! We had interviews with President this week and he explained what´s going to be happening tomorrow with transfers....

Sister Nunes will stay here in Poá and train a new missionary! It´s gonna be super good for her and she´ll take good care of Poá for me :) Sister Martinez is returning to her first area, Vila Virginia, to open it and get it going again. 

And I will be leaving Poá, which is super sad for me. I have absolutely loved my experience here. I love this city and these people like my own. I will never forget all the miracles I´ve seen here and all the love I have given and received in this beautiful city. 

During my interview, President asked me if I´d be will to accept the call to be the new Sister Assistant to the President. And of course, I accepted. Early tomorrow morning, I will be headed to the office to give my first training for the new missionaries and then I will go to my new area, Monumento, with my new companion, Sister Rechetinicou. I feel super unqualified and nervous and stressed, but I know that The Lord believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. And that The Lord qualifies whom He calls. I will need a lot of qualifying ;) I´m very excited to work closely with President Silcox, though; I know that I will learn a lot from this experience.

I love you all very very much. I would not be here without your support and love. You are the best. Don´t ever forget how much you are loved and taken care of by your Heavenly Father.

All my love,
Sister Doyle