Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Luiz Carlos was baptized!!!! 8/15/16

Hello everyone!!!

Yep, that´s right!!! Luiz Carlos was baptized this Saturday and received The Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday. He was so ready and so excited and I felt the Spirit stronger than I have ever felt during a baptism. The ward really supported him and the feeling of love and togetherness was incredible.
I am so immensely grateful for The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power it has to change our lives for good. I am overwhelmed by my gratitude to be serving a mission and representing my Savior. I know that I don´t deserve to wear His name on my chest. But I know that He knows that as well. I will never ever regret having served a mission. God knew that I needed this experience. I feel so blessed and honored to be here.

I´ve been studying the New Testament in depth these past few weeks, and I am absolutely loving it. I am so grateful for the chance to really study the scriptures every day and prepare myself to teach (and be taught) during our lessons. We had a sad experience with one of our families of investigators that decided to return to their former religion, which is a religion that involves working with evil spirits. It was hard for us to understand why they would choose the wrong path. But we must remember that God has given to each of His children the gift of free agency, and we must respect that. I know that one day, everyone will know that Christ is The Savior of the world and that it is only through and in and by Him that we can be saved. Until that day, we just need to continue teaching everyone who will listen to the good news. I´m so grateful for the knowledge of my Savior and the chance that I have to return to live with my Heavenly Father again one day.

I hope you are all doing well and feeling God´s Spirit and love in your lives. If not, pray everyday and you will start to feel it. I love you all very much and I´m so grateful to have family and friends like you.

All my love, 
Sister Doyle