Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First week in Monumento!! 8/29/16

Hello everybody!! I have so much to tell that I don´t know where to begin! Literally everything has changed in my life since last week. Everything. But here´s the rundown of my new situation...

New area - Monumento is beautiful!! It´s got a lot of museums and old buildings and lots of skyscrapers. Way different from Poá, but still beautiful. It reminds me of downtown D.C. or Boston or somewhere like that. It´s been a little hard because when I got here, they didn´t have many investigators, which was a lot different than my last area. But God is blessing us a ton, and we have an elect family that we´re teaching now, so I´m excited about that!

New ward - I´m in one of the oldest wards in Latin America! The chapel is huge! It reminds me of some of the bigger chapels in Utah that have that 70´s style, with really geometric design and lots of medium-stained wood. There are lots of members here, and they are in general on the wealthier side. The members seem really nice. I´m excited to get to know them all better.

New companion - Sister Rechetinicou and I are surprisingly similar. I think we´re gonna get along really well. I have a lot to learn from her :)

New house - although the house itself is dirty and a cramped, I´m getting used to it now, so it´s all good. We live on a really nice, enclosed street, which is really comforting. And we live with the Sisters of Vila Mariana, which is really fun. They´re super sweet. It´s a little tough sometimes living with three Brazilians, just because I don´t always have the same things to talk about, but they´re really inclusive and kind to me.

New calling - whew. I still have no idea what I´m doing. But that´s okay :) I helped with the training of the new missionaries and trainers on Tuesday and it went well I think. And now we´re planning for the big monthly leadership council which will be happening this Friday. Prayers are welcomed ;) It´s been cool getting to work more closely with President and Sister Silcox. I feel very honored to be learning firsthand from them.

New p-day - Ha! That was a joke because I don´t have a p-day now, but I still get to to talk to y-all, so that´s what is most important. We stay at the office all day on P-days. But we still have fun...for example, today we´re going to play volleyball with the assitants and secretaries...I get to put my mad MTC volleyball skills to use once again ;) 

Basically, that´s all the news in my life. I miss you all very much. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them. He wants us to succeed. He´s happy when we do. :) So take courage!! It´ll all work out :)

All my love,
Sister Doyle